Repent in the name of the man, the jam, the holy slam.

It’s time for the Slamayan Apocalypse.

A collection of all 52 Space Jam mashups made for Space Jam Sundays, split up into 4 parts:


Starring Ian Kelly, Lewis Stanton and Ross Parkinson, filmed by Joe Douglas.

Album art by Mitaknight.

This marks the end of Space Jam Sundays, thank you for slamming with me through 2012.

Psycosis - Setting Slam, Dunking Home
1,407 plays
Psycosis - Slamaway
953 plays
Psycosis - Slam Dragon
1,005 plays
Psycosis - Slamified
563 plays
Psycosis - Slambow Road
2,125 plays
Psycosis - Crazy Slammercycle
621 plays
Psycosis - Bring Me To Slam
1,327 plays
Psycosis - [s] Slamcade
2,625 plays
Psycosis - Wild Slam
557 plays