Psycosis - Don't Lose Yourself
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Psycosis - Take it to the Fridge
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Los Psycosis - Mucha Asereje
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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some traditional Irish music!


You can get it here!

A mashup album using the tracks from the PS1 classic, Crash Bandicoot! Made in tribute to the Crash Bandicoot series and the talented team behind Mutato Muzika.

I hope you like it! <3

Psycosis - Till I Fix You
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Kill La Kill mashup!

I made this for my friend Triple Q's newest project, Cut, Paste and Kill. It’s a collaborative Kill la Kill remix album aiming to mashup or remix every song from the Kill la Kill OST. If you’re interested, head on over to this page to see what songs are still open and have fun!

Psycosis - Bad Funky Flow
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Psycosis - Hey Dipper
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Psycosis - Imagine How is Touch the Sky
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Hey guys, it’s December 1st! That means it’s my birthday! And it also means here have a mashup album!

Download Link!

Just like last year, here is a compilation of all the dumb terrible mashups I’ve made over the last year. While the mashups this year weren’t as popular as the ones from last year, I think mostly due to me trying out different techniques, hopefully you’ll find something in this collection that you’ll enjoy!

I also have a bandcamp page with a few other albums if you’re interested! Thank you so much to everyone for downloading albums and showing support!


1. Imagine How is Touch the Sky

2. Low Gravity

3. Bells in the Bank

4. Pokemon X Gon Give it To Ya

5. Gentleman ~ Cornered

6. Twerking 9 to 5

7. Paper Hosts

8. Dr. Drebotnik

9. Triple Q

10. Gitchee Gitchee Lollipop

11. Cookie Cat Paint Job

12. Remember the Jaeger

13. Still Lucky

14. Mad Tumblr

Psycosis - Cookie Cat Paint Job
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Steven Universe is really good and you should watch it.

Original song by Jeff Liu!

Psycosis - Remember The Jaeger
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I updated a really dumb thing.

Making a few extended versions of previous uploads for my “secret not so secret” end year album. And I figured this one was different enough from the one I uploaded earlier that I’d post it here!

Original attempt here, inspired by this gifset.