Psycosis - Solid Snake
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Psycosis - Radical Melancholy
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Here’s a mashup I’ve been holding onto for a while by Psycosis.

I really like this because when I first heard it I thought the Sonic R singer was Aya Hirano to begin with and it’s scary how much she sounds like Aya Hirano when pitched up that high

Psycosis - My Songs Know What You Did in Gravity Falls
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Psycosis - Turn Down for Hatcher
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Psycosis - Ey Sexy Lady
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Hey check out GANGNAMCORE! by Triple-Q & the Sexy Ladies & Mother Father Gentlemen of Gangnam District!

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Psycosis - Epic Hangover
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Luigicris - Move Bitch
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Psycosis - Talk Hoenn
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Psycosis - Don't Lose Yourself
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Psycosis - Take it to the Fridge
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