Psycosis Befriends Nopony!

The new album is finally out!

Featuring 26 tracks, lasting almost 2 hours long, all featuring songs made by the MLP music community.

Grab it on Bandcamp or here in case the free download limit is reached.

This is the biggest mashup project I’ve made yet, and I have to give a huge thanks out to everyone who made it possible! Thanks to everyone who gave me their song stems (including a few that didn’t make the album for one reason or another), you guys are the best for simply letting me do this, and I hope you like the results!


Chain Algorithm - Sgt. Pepper’s Little Pony Club Band

Aviators - Shouting at Firework Friends

Jeffthestrider - She Wants to Toy With Me

Eurobeat Brony - Coulda Had the Moves Like Luna

Aussie Asher & Circuit Fry - ‘Til The Derp Drops

Pinkie Pie Swear - Trixie’s R&B Side

Interrobang Pie - Remembering Dash’s World

AcousticBrony & MandoPony - Forgotten Loyalty

Silva Hound - Home to Fleur De Dynamite

H8_Seed - Full-Time Messenger

Tarby - Just Give Me the Cross Eyed Kicks

Ernula x Cuilan - Guetta in Equestria

Glaze - What You Know ‘Bout the Rainbow Fuku

Stormwolf & Glaze - Fruits of Her Baby

Griffinilla - Pinkie’s Feeling

Aviators, d.notive & Yelling at Cats - Amazing Wondermare

H8_Seed & MicTheMicrophone - Repetrify Starter

Replacer - Grenade No More

Jackle App - My Destiny is Alternative Rock

MandoPony - My Special Somepony Got Us Falling in Love

The Living Tombstone - Like She’s Spinning Records

General Mumble - Mo’ Money for the Runaway Chicken

Jackle App & MicTheMicrophone - Love the Intergalactrick Pony

Eurobeat Brony - Discord This Way

Alex S. & The Living Tombstone - Sorry for Pinkie Partying

Alex S. - Sgt. Pepper’s Little Pony Club Band (Reprise)

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