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Hey check out GANGNAMCORE! by Triple-Q & the Sexy Ladies & Mother Father Gentlemen of Gangnam District!

Check the trailer here and download for FREE here or here! The later option you can op to donate money to chariteyyyyyy sexy lady!

So every so often I’ve been posting my stream link on this blog ( since I started streaming my speedruns. Well, today I finally got the world record time in a game I’ve been playing called Ittle Dew! Hope you enjoy it!

If you’re interested in the game, you can find out more about it here!

Psycosis - Edm, Eddm and Eddmy
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Reminder that Jackie is without a doubt the love of my life and the most fantastic person in the entire world and while I try and keep this blog as ‘professional’ as I can straight up the majority of my work wouldn’t exist without her and just

God damn it guys I’m just so lucky to have her.



Waluigi gonna win.

Psycosis - B.o.B's Burgers
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You can get it here!

A mashup album using the tracks from the PS1 classic, Crash Bandicoot! Made in tribute to the Crash Bandicoot series and the talented team behind Mutato Muzika.

I hope you like it! <3

HEY GUYS if you haven’t heard, Triple-Q recently released a follow up album called Mash Bandicoot: Bonus Round!


You can pick up the 2nd album by heading over here!

Hey guys!

For my more recent followers, I have a Bandcamp page set up for my more coherent projects. Which you can find here!

Above is my most recent project (plus a bonus project by my friend Triple-Q!) but there’s quite a few different albums there to check out, and hopefully more to come in the future!


Explaining the politics of mash ups is a dirty business. For the uninitiated, a mash up is essentially a remix of a song. But not exactly. Maybe it’s more like a marriage of elements. For instance, I can pluck a vocal track that I’ve used previously, throw it over a tune which is sick and twisted…

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